amazon raw food detox retreat


A Detox to cleanse the body and awaken the soul…under the full moon, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. September 6 to 10th, 2017. 



Awaken and sharpen all your senses in the Amazon Forest in this 5 day retreat that fuses plant based cuisine, local super fruits, daily yoga, meditation, wild food foraging, tribal rituals,  and hiking in the rainforest.  Let the innovative cuisine of chefs Manuela Scalini and Cynthia Brant nourish your body and enchant your palate, let the yoga awake your ultimate potential, and let the forest magic into your heart. To top it off, we will participate in a live indigenous music lual ceremony on full moon night, by the river….

Visit local communities and learn about local fruits and roots extraction techniques. Forage for  food in the forest that will be used in Manuela’s and Cynthia’s kitchen. Taste exotic flavors and experience textures you’ve never known existed. Foods that act as true medicine for the body: rich fruits, powerful roots and leaves that heal – the Amazon is full of myths. Unravel some of these mysteries and learn to use the wisdom of the amazon’s local ancestors in meals that will renew your energy….


This cuisine that uses vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds and sprouted nuts only has won millions of fans around the world. These foods detoxify the body in a natural manner, helping balance the mood, better digestion and the absorption of food, and as a result,  weight loss. It’s beauty from the inside out!


After living 20 years in California, Manuela returned to Brazil bringing with herself a creative way of cooking. She is a Living Light Culinary Arts Institute “Gourmet Raw Food” graduate and she now travels the world leading classes, workshops, detox retreats and offering consulting services for restaurants and spas. Her current home is now in Barbados.


She graduated from Terrapia Project, where she studied Living Food, and from Matthew Kenney Cuisine, in California, USA. Cynthia now works as general coordinator of Terrapia, has a buffet and catering service, and teaches cooking classes in her studio in Rio de Janeiro. Cynthia will work in the kitchen alongside Manuela Scalini during the whole trip.


The yoga classes will be taught by professor Luiz Isique, who works ate My Yoga, a contemporary yoga center located in Jardim Paulista, São Paulo. Its founders, Nanda and Deva, traveled extensively through India and South Asia as well as Australia, Russia, Europe and the United States, providing and participating in courses and workshops to improve their techniques. Back in Brazil, empowered by their experiences and by the ancient wisdom they’ve gotten to know, the couple opened the studio and an organic market that helps people maintain a healthy diet.


On this trip you will have the privilege of being accompanied by a great botanist for a walking tour in the wild. Valdely Kinupp works in the research and dissemination of non-conventional food plants. He is mainly dedicated to the following topics: unconventional foods, plant genetic resources, food security, floristic, olericultura (unconventional vegetables) and agroecology.

More than just a trip, this retreat will capture the essence of the rainforest and awaken all our senses.
    • 4-night lodging at Juma Lodge, all meals included.
    • Meals cooked by the chefs Manuela Scalini and Cynthia Brant.
    • Daily yoga classes with instructor Luiz Isique of My Yoga.
    • Reception at Manaus Airport.
    • All transfer services described above.
    • Tours described in the script.
    • Bilingual guides.

Please note that if you are traveling from outside Brazil, our co host/travel agents can organize transfers, extra hotel nights and extra side trips before and after, so you can stay longer if you want and don’t miss out on anything in the Amazon!



Day 1, 09/06/17 – Amazon

Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel. It is a 3-hour trip to get there – 1-hour speedboat ride, 1-hour drive, and 1-hour speedboat ride. A cold snack will be served during the trip. Once you arrive at the hotel, do the check in and get ready for dinner. After dinner, take part in the welcome ceremony leaded by the chefs, the yoga instructor. Learn about the activities that will happen in the next few days.

Meal: Snack and dinner.

Day 2, 09/07/17 – Amazon

At 06:30 am join a fasting yoga class. Then, enjoy breakfast and later hike through the jungle with Valdely Kinupp, an expert on unconventional food plants. Discover new fragrances, leave shapes, fruits and more. Later, return to the hotel area and bathe on the river to freshen up before lunch. In the afternoon, gather with Valdely againg for a talk about plants. Then, there will be a yoga session at sunset. After dinner, enjoy a luau on the river margin with live indigenous music and the full moon in the sky.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3, 09/08/17 – Amazon

At 06:30 am join a fasting yoga class. Then, enjoy breakfast and sail on the waterways within the amazing Anavilhanas Archipelago, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Visit a riverside community and know many local fruits and roots – cupuaçu, taperebá, açaí, tucumã and pupunha. See how the cassava flour is prepared and drink the famous açaí juice. Get to know local children and their families. After lunch, ride in canoes to contemplate the dense forest, the tall and wide trees, and to hear the noise of the monkeys and the birds. In the late afternoon, yoga class at sunset. After dinner, there will be a boat departure to see the forest at night.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4, 09/09/17 – Amazon

At 06:30 am join a fasting yoga class. Then, enjoy breakfast and get ready for a jungle adventure – walk in the wild and learn about jungle survival. Discover some of the forest’s mysteries: know more about medicinal plants, fresh water, and the edible good of the Amazon. Return to Juma Lodge. After lunch, enjoy ancestral body care rituals such as urucum painting, medicinal plants body scrub and the Amazon herbal bath. In the late afternoon, yoga class at sunset. Dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5, 09/10/17 – Amazon

After breakfast, return to the airport of Manaus. It is a 3-hour trip to get there – 1-hour speedboat ride, 1-hour drive, and 1-hour speedboat ride.

Meals: Breakfast.

THE HOTEL (click here to check out their website)

Juma Lodge sits in a remote and preserved area, 100 km southeast of Manaus. The hotel is fully integrated with the jungle, providing a true Amazonian experience. All of its buildings are on stilts, on dry land, on the shores of Lake Juma. To reach the place you need to transfer by car and speedboat. It is a 3-hour trip to get there – 1-hour speedboat ride, 1-hour drive, and 1-hour speedboat ride. The alternative is hiring a seaplane, which takes only 25 minutes to get to the hotel.


The hotel has eight log cabins overlooking the forest, twelve special cabins with lake views and a panoramic log cabin that stands high, at the height of the trees (15 m above the water level in the dry season), offering complete privacy. The rooms are comfortable and have a private bathroom, a fan and a balcony.


Forest View Cabin – single $2045 double $1685

River View Cabin – single $2165 double $1800

Panoramic Cabin – single $2265 double $1935


  • Prices stated in dólar (USD).
  • Prices correspond to the cost per person.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Valid for the trip that will happen from 09/06/17 to 09/10/17.
  • Limited edition: only 25 vacancies.
  • Route and schedule may be altered due to climate change or natural phenomena.
  • Travel visa is not necessary for travelers who visit Brazil until September 18th, 2016.


  • Air ticket.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Yoga equipment.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips.

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