Gluten Free & Dairy Free Classes, March and April 2015 


March 10 and March 17 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.  Sign up for both, or just one class! SOLD OUT!

Location: St James, Barbados. We will send address upon confirmation of registration

March 10 and 11: Dairy Free & Raw Vegan alternatives to milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and desserts SOLD OUT!

March 17 , 18, 21st: Gluten Free & Raw Vegan alternatives to wheat, gluten, store bought cereals, and crackers SOLD OUT!


With all the hype about gluten free and dairy free options out there, we wonder…how much healthier is the store bought packaged gluten free product? Is it still covered in chemicals to preserve shelf life? Lab made ingredients to substitute real food? Most gluten free packaged products DO NOT mean healthier. Unless it’s naturally made, of course, using REAL FOOD ingredients in the place of wheat or other gluten grains.

The same goes for the dairy free options. Our main options are soy based products. Most of the soy we come across today has been genetically modified in a lab. Even if it says organic. The seed is a GMO seed and it can cause all sorts of unbalances and diseases down the road. Even the store bought almond milk is covered in preservatives.

In the next two classes, we will be looking at REAL FOOD alternatives to gluten and dairy, and learning easy recipes that you can make at home. All recipes are vegetarian and most are based on Raw Food techniques, ie, we don’t heat up the food above 115 F. We will be covering dehydration for those of you that own or plan to buy a dehydrator. But we will also offer an alternative to using a dehydrator, by using a silicone mat in a low setting in your oven. We will also demystify fermentation by learning the very basic techniques in making your own dairy free cheese and yogurt. Its very easy and you don’t need any expensive tools or ingredients.IMG_0942

March 10, 11 and April 11th: Dairy Free & Raw Vegan Recipes and Demo

Almond Milk

Basic Almond Cheese (Fermentation)

Feta Cheese

Alfredo Sauce

Coconut Yogurt (Fermentation)

Vanilla Ice Cream

Dairy Free Cheesecake

March 17, 18 and 21st: Gluten Free & Raw Vegan Recipes and Demo

RAW Almond Pulp Croutons

RAW Rosemary and Carrot Flax Crackers

RAW Sprouted Seeds Pizza Crust

RAW Cranberry & Walnuts Granola

RAW Carrot Cake with dairy free frosting

What’s included: Raw Food Handout, all recipes, demo, and plenty of tasters! We will finish with a Q&A and informal chat about food, nutrition, and how to detox your food choices! Come hungry!

Cost: BDS $100 per class, or $185 for both classes.


Very limited spots, so please confirm with payment by either paying here on paypal, or contacting me at to arrange another form of payment.