Manuela Scalini’s , founder of Manná Plant Powered Lifestyle, wellness concept: An infusion into our daily lives of organic raw & wholesome plant based cuisine, outdoors, eco- lifestyle, movement and mindfulness. Five essential elements for complete wellness. It is a “whole”-listic approach to diet, lifestyle and the everyday choices we make.. It is more than just a diet, it is a way of life.

Introducing MANNÁ at Coffee Bean , our new line of Fresh, Plant Powered (mostly) Ready to Eat meals, snacks and drinks. For those who are committed to make a lifestyle change!

Fresh, organic and nourishing. Eating clean has never been so easy. And delicious! Our meals are based on a wholesome diet, free of calorie counting, GMOs, dairy, gluten and red meats. We use the highest quality ingredients, superfoods and try to use as many local and organic greens and fruits as possible. Everything is hand crafted in our kitchen and we dont use any processed or packaged products.

Commit to a day or week of healthy eating with these freshly made, as organic as possible, unprocessed ready to eat meals available at Coffee Bean Sunset Crest, or select items at the other CB locations: Welches, Hastings, and Perronne. Deliveries coming soon!