Manuela Scalini’s , founder of Manná Plant Powered Lifestyle, wellness concept:

The Manná Food & Wellness philosophy is simple. Plant based nourishment for a vibrant and radiant life.  Clean, wholesome foods, using ingredients as close to their natural state as possible, as local and organic as possible. While we are primarily plant based, mostly raw vegan, we believe in the concept of bio – individuality, balance and ’love all and welcome all’. We don’t count calories, we count quality in each and every bite. Our nutrient dense meals, snacks and drinks are infused with rainbow colored veggies, fruits, full of antioxidants, living enzymes, alkalizing greens, medicinal herbs, potent anti aging immunity boosting superfoods and anti inflammatory roots and spices. Food is the core element of what we do, but our vision goes beyond. It is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It is food acting as a catalyst for a deeper and long term wellness transformation – finding a balance of self care, movement, plenty of time spent outdoors, mindfulness and stress management. We love our collaborations with other wellness professionals, healers, doctors, retreat leaders (and our very own remote retreats where you get to unplug from it all), yoga teachers…where together, we hold the space for this life changing journey.  

If you live in Barbados, come find us at MANNÁ at Coffee Bean, and try our line of fresh, Plant Powered (mostly) Ready to Eat meals, snacks and drinks. For those who are committed to make this lifestyle change! Fresh, organic and nourishing.  Our meals are based on a wholesome diet, free of calorie counting, GMOs, dairy, gluten and red meats. We use the highest quality ingredients, superfoods and try to use as many local and organic greens and fruits as possible. Everything is hand crafted in our kitchen and we dont use any processed or packaged products.

Available at Coffee Bean Sunset Crest, or select items at the other CB locations: Welches, Hastings, and Perronne. Deliveries available!