SOLD OUT FOR REST OF JULY. Please check for our wholesome meals and snacks weekly subscription service starting mid July. 

a fresh start as we go “back to a new normal” and summer!

The first cleanse post lockdown! Welcome back! I am now in a new “pop up” temporary space for the time being, new partnership, in a fabulous new project that means a lot to me – More on that later! Over the past few months I’ve worked on many new recipes and cannot wait to share this during the detox. After the detox, we will be providing daily meal service for those who want some help in healthy prepping for your family meals, including kids meals, so this is great start to a long lasting lifestyle change, if you wish to do. Let’s all start fresh, boost our body’s immunity, and set the goals for the new normal, together!

This is not an extreme diet, it is a reset post lockdown, to get you back to your healthy eating habits, with REAL food, wholesome and organic produce and loads of immune boosting add-ons. You will experience some natural weightloss, but this is not the main focus. You will feel revived, re-energized and it will assist in releasing any unwanted toxins accumulated over the past 3 months. It is essential that you move your body’s lymphatic system with daily exercise, make time for yourself, sleep well and practice mindfulness via meditation, yoga, journaling and self care.

NEW DATE – Light Detox – Wholesome & Organic Plant Based & Raw Food: July 13th – 17th BDS $490 (includes all meals provided for the 5 days, detox guidelines and WA group + delivery) 


SOLD OUT – Deeper Detox – July 6th – July 17th – The above + 2 days liquids feasting + another 5 day of light plant based and raw food. Total of 12 days. BDS $1085 (includes all meals provided for the 12 days, detox guidelines and WA group + delivery)

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How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will fill out a quick list to check for any food sensitivities.

Starting on Monday,  June 29th  and for the next five days, ALL MEALS are prepared for you. They will be delivered to you daily, with two delivery time options: mid morning and mid afternoon. The FIRST DELIVERY is Sunday afternoon so that you can start Monday with all you need for Day 1 + breakfast for Day 2. Following delivery is Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri, with the lunch, afternoon shake and evening soup for that day + breakfast for following day .  You will also receive a menu each day so you can follow. You eat nothing else! So no excuses!

What will you eat?

Varied and nutrient-rich wholesome plant based and low sugar raw food lunches, cold pressed juices, shakes, immunity booster shots, gut healing high probiotic breakfasts,  some wholesome cooked soups at nights.

For those doing the deeper detox, we will be offering two days of “liquids only” on the weekend after the 5 days of detox, followed by another 5 days of plant based and raw foods.

Everything is homemade, free of gluten, processed food, refined sugars or dairy.  We will keep our daily caloric intake close to 1800 calories.

Email if you have special requests.

Cost: Bds $500 for 5 days  or $1100 for 12 days. Payment made via PayPal or cash/check to Manuela Scalini Archer. Payment due on first day of detox delivery. Cancelation fee- 48 hours prior to detox.

Includes: 5 or 12 days of ALL meals prepared for you, herbal elixirs and tonics, cleansing and recipe handout. DELIVERY included.


Fresh Start 2020 Cleanse

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