Please stay tuned as Plant Based Barbados finds a new home. Reopening mid November . In the meantime, we will be offering a limited menu of weekly subscriptions, juices and a few favorites!

Wholesome plant based meals, snacks, drinks and vegan pantry, delivered daily in beautiful barbados…


Our vision is simple: Eat more plants!! Clean and wholesome, for optimum vitality, energy and healing.

We cater to everyone; it doesn’t matter if your vegan or not. Our food ethos however centers around one core idea- Real food made with simple, wholesome ingredients. We don’t cut corners, we provide the ingredients in their simplest form, as close to how mother nature has intended.

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring, it also doesn’t mean it needs to be all vegan. Although we do offer an extensive vegan collection, we also meet the needs of everyone – we believe that EVERYONE will benefit from the addition of more plants based meals in their lifestyle.

We provide daily lunches, drinks, snacks and also a weekly meal subscription service for those who want to add more plant based foods to their diet but don’t have time to plan and prep. We do all the work for you! Our menu rotates weekly and we deliver daily – we also cater to specific allergies, sensitivities.

For all the foodies who love to cook, our Pantry Collection allows you to get as creative as you want in the kitchen with access to our full range of products. These pantry items are made with real ingredients; no preservatives, no substitutes- just real goodness.

We also provide a line of frozen items to accommodate those who prefer to just stock up their freezer for a quick “grab and defrost” meal, as well as many kid friendly meals to make it easy when packing lunchboxes.