March 24 – The Power of Manifesting: Sattva Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Im honored to cater an amazing plant based lunch and teach a few of my recipes at Monica Taborda-Griffith‘s upcoming Sattva Yoga Retreat March 24, 2018.

From the Power of Manifesting Retreat page:

Behind a word, a thought
Behind a thought, a power
…The Power of Manifesting.

The mind is capable of producing between 50,000.00 to 70,000.00 thoughts per day, are you aware of the narrative of your mind?

What One gives energy to, One has the potential to create. What are you creating for yourself?

Are your thoughts healing, nurturing, supportive, loving, encouraging, transformative, expansive ? What are you constantly telling your Being?

Every word, thought becomes an expression, a manifestation of your Being. What are you Manifesting daily?

The Power of Manifesting is the theme of this Sattva Yoga and Wellness retreat. Join us on March 24, 2018. Registration is now open at Surfside Wellness Centre. Barbados. (246) 4361024 / 2341324

A day dedicated to nurturing , healing, shifting the mind and journeying to the Heart , transcending and exploring the Self while discovering the Power Of Manifesting our own reality through Sattva Yoga, Sound healing therapy and Wholesome Plant Powered Nutrition practices.