Vegan Coconut Ceviche

Plant Based Lifestyle – not a diet. Food is everywhere. It is what we put on our plates, what we read, what we think, what we do, who we relate with and how. Its energy. Every day we have a choice of what and how we will feed ourselves. My plant based food philosophy is simple. I believe in plant based foods acting as a catalyst for a deep and long term wellness transformation.  Food as medicine. Clean, wholesome foods, using ingredients as close to their natural state as possible, as local and organic as possible. My passion and personal food style reflect a mix of the many different cultures I have come across, with my very mixed cosmopolitan Brazilian heritage.

I love locally grown flavorful rainbow colored raw foods. With a touch of cooked. Or vice versa. Drizzled with some superfoods, infused with many medical herbs, and garnished with some foraged plants. I use texture, surprising flavors, unexpected flairs. I combine ancient plant remedies done the modern way. Food is the core elements of what I create, but the mission goes beyond. What begins as a diet, becomes a lifestyle when combined with other healing practices such as yoga. It reconnects us to a more natural way of living, of connecting and rebalancing. My mission is to inspire and teach, how food can help awaken and transform us all, one bite at a time.