Our retreat vision:

Select and unique wellness retreats are offered once a year in Barbados, Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and a few other remote exotic locations, for those who wish to reset, unplug from the fast paced busy-ness and connect to a plant powered lifestyle
We believe in the synergy of organic plant based/living foods , ancestral healing traditions, yoga and outdoor adventures in remote and pristine places as the perfect trio to deepen this awareness and nourish your body, mind and soul. Some of our exclusive international retreat destinations include Barbados, Amazon, Bali, California. New destinations coming up for 2022
Sometimes, we need to disconnect to reconnect. We offer an amazing team of qualified professionals, including yoga teachers, coaches, outfitters, herbal healers and professional chefs to assist you as you unplug and get back into your authenticity. There is no better place to do it than in exotic, beautiful travel destinations, where you will have the opportunity to also immerse yourself in different cultures and allow all your senses to explore the diversity of cultures, tastes, landscapes and lifestyles. Take that break, invest in yourself.

UPCOMING RETREATS: coming soon in 2022 – (we hope)