Manuela Scalini, born and raised in Brazil, is an international wellness expert and professionally trained plant based and raw food chef. For over a decade, she has travelled the world teaching plant based workshops, catering wellness retreats and consulting for restaurants and spa resorts  in SE Asia, USA and Latin America. When she is not traveling, she runs a personalized plant based delivery business and coaches/teaches clients in Barbados and online worldwide. She is currently co-developing two product lines to launch at the end of 2020.

A Certified Chef from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California, and Certified Yoga Instructor from Radiantly Alive in Bali, Manuela intwines her mixed cosmopolitan Brazilian heritage into her culinary delights, merging traditional plant medicine and modern food preparation methods.  She adopts a “Food as Medicine” approach, with a firm belief that each client will benefit from a personalized diet and lifestyle plan, as opposed to one formula fits all. Based on 12 years of study, she creates a fusion of raw food, ayurveda, functional nutrition, medicinal herbs and ancestral superfoods techniques in her culinary creations and classes. Her focus is on the simplicity and practicality of plant based food, so that it is feasible to include it in a balanced way in everyone’s daily life, thus creating a long-term transformation. “Plant based food can be inclusive, not exclusive. We can all benefit if we add more plants to our diet ” It doesn’t have to be radical.  

Manuela began her plant food journey 12 years ago when she was searching for an alternative way to heal inflammation in her body after a snowboarding accident. She joined a 21 day raw food detox and never looked back. Her body instantly began to heal and function in its most optimum level, and she significantly noticed a huge shift in her vitality, clarity and mood. What was at first just a diet, became a lifestyle. She left her successful career in the visual effects film industry in San Francisco, California, and began sharing her knowledge to help others in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. “Nothing affects us more than what and how we eat and our emotions…when we clean up our bodies, we clean up our lives…we remove all the filters that are keeping us from feeling 100% alive and connected to ourselves, those around us, and our planet”.