Manuela Scalini, a globally trained plant-based and raw food chef, is dedicated to bridging the gap between wellness and sustainability through her innovative plant forward culinary arts trainings for the hospitality and food service industry. With a profound understanding of the interconnection between these two essential pillars, she envisions a future of gastronomy that prioritizes the natural rhythm of the environment. As a catalyst, innovator, and pathfinder, Manuela firmly believes that culinary solutions are a key element to addressing planetary changes and making a positive impact on local communities worldwide.

As a certified plant-based and raw food chef, I am passionate about bridging the gap between wellness and sustainability. With a diverse background in teaching plant-based workshops, catering wellness and yoga retreats, and consulting for renowned restaurants across SE Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America, my expertise spans the globe and culinary styles. Currently based in Barbados, I previously ran a successful plant-based meal and raw food cleanse delivery business called Planted for 8 years. Alongside that, I hosted dynamic plant-based cooking classes, both online and in-person. Pre-pandemic, I made the decision to shift my focus exclusively to consultancy projects within the hospitality sector, where I can make a larger impact and inspire other chefs, homecooks and foodies. 

My culinary journey is deeply rooted in my cosmopolitan Brazilian and Italian heritage, which I seamlessly incorporate into my culinary creations. Holding certifications as a Chef from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California and as a Yoga Instructor from Radiantly Alive in Bali, I merge traditional plant medicine with modern food preparation methods. Drawing from my 14 years of professional experience, I combine simple wholesome real foods cooking with raw food, ethnic flavors, functional nutrition, medicinal herbs, and heritage foods to craft high-end contemporary culinary delights. My philosophy is centered around quality, simplicity and balance, emphasizing the importance of incorporating local and seasonal real foods in our lives to foster authentic and sustainable long term transformation. 

I am driven by my belief that the current food landscape is overly focused on diet labels, fads and lab-made foods, leading to a disconnection from the fundamental art of nourishment and the natural cycle of the Earth. My vision for plant-forward food is one of inclusivity, aiming to benefit all individuals by integrating more plants into their diets in a balanced and accessible manner. My own plant-based journey began as a means to heal inflammation following a severe snowboarding accident, and it soon transformed into a lifestyle that unlocked vitality, clarity, and overall well-being. Leaving behind a successful career in the visual effects film industry, I dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge and assisting others on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

Through my culinary arts program, I empower individuals to become agents of change, creating a future where communities worldwide benefit from implementing sustainable practices. I believe that food is more than mere sustenance—it encompasses memories, affection, and nostalgia. By celebrating our differences and acknowledging our shared human needs, we can restore the variety and vibrancy necessary for life to flourish. Join me on this transformative journey as we reshape the culinary landscape and nourish our bodies, minds, and the planet