Plant Powered Immunity Shopping List

So we are under a world wide corona virus shutdown. As much as I wanted to avoid “panic shopping”, this is exactly what I did today. I stocked up. Although we are not entirely vegan, from my 10 + years of experience working as plant based chef and educator, this is the time I will fuel my family with as many plants as possible, keeping in mind fridge space, availability, and being resourceful. This is the time to alkalize, boost, and eat nutritiently dense meals, as are the best prevention. As I was shopping today, I was in horror as I saw people’s shopping carts: refined flours, sugars, canned beef, sugar loaded drinks, biscuits, cookies, chips, boxed Mac and cheese, and…. toilet paper, of course. I felt like I had to write to list in the hopes that some would read it and take in, even if just a few ideas, of healthy items we CAN stock up. THIS is the best prevention, along side all the sanitizing, hand washing and social distancing. So here it is, enjoy! I will try to do my best to supply as many plant powered recipes daily over the next few weeks (also featuring some guests recipes from around the world), and if you are lucky to be in Barbados, my line of snacks, vitamin loaded frozen soups, broths and sauces and fresh juices. My main line of defense now is : ALKALIZE. More on that later! Here is my go to list – Ive added a few animal products in honor of everyone’s different lifestyle choices!

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