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This is a 8 class series or you can take the individual classes that interests you.

Let’s DEMISTIFY a plant based diet. My approach is a back to the basics approach so you start meal planning at home, on your own. If you are just starting a plant based lifestyle, there is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. Too many superfoods, too many unknown ingredients, fancy recipes, and sometimes, we forget to start from the beginning. The foundation of resourceful plant based cooking and raw food. And for those of us who have been following a plant based diet for years, these trying times of lockdowns, quarantine, limited food access are allowing us to re-assess what we eat, how we cook, how resourceful we can be. We got used to having food available to us at all times, in most countries. Things are different now. We can return to the basics, follow a simpler, yet perfectly balanced diet with just a few main ingredients and spices.

  1. Foundation of plant based foods – Setting up the kitchen, batch prepping, meal planning and plant based substitution ingredients. Liquids/juicing/green smoothies will also be introduced, with recipes.
  2. Foundation of dairy substitutes – plant milks, butter, bechamel and ricotta.
  3. Detoxifying Raw Living Foods – breakfast, lunch and dinner – some of my favorite detox and cleansing recipes based on raw food techniques.
  4. Secrets to full meal salads and buddha bowls– the secret is in the sauce and the dressing. Building a full meal salad and bowls based on textures, colors and nutrients for the whole week.
  5. Raw and Vegan Desserts – Basic raw vegan cheesecake, chocolates and ice cream
  6. Comfort Food with World Cuisines using medicinal herbs and spices – asian, mexican, middle eastern, italian – how you can have endless variations based on your choice of herbs.
  7. Healthy snacks and sweet treats that are kid friendly – gluten free and plant rich baking without buying 100 types of flours. Resourceful ways to use leftover nut milk pulp – we will make crackers from pulp
  8. Easy Fermentation – longer class- 2 hours. Think gut health! Naturally loaded with probiotics, easy to make, and a sustainable way to preserve foods. Its a triple win.

For all classes

  • 75 minutes with Q&A at the end (+ 15 minutes )
  • Sign up by emailing
  • all classes have been pre-recorded and posted on the password protected page. You will gain access upon email sign up
  • you will receive an ingredient list upon sign up if you want to cook together. You can also just watch, take notes and use the recorded videos to prep later. Ideally, use what you have and we substitute.
  • you do not need to have all the exact ingredients in hand – I will highlight the ones you do!
  • you will receive a recipe handout with tips on substitutions for allergies and dislikes

Cost for 8 class series US$200. Cost of each individual class is US$ 30, so you can also sign up for individual only. To sign up, please submit PayPal payment to and sign up here. You will then receive the zoom meeting invitation and further instructions, ingredient list, and handout.