Kate Magic Comes to Barbados!

Fri May 3rd-Sun May 5th

Price: USD450.00
Early bird price ends Feb 14th

Venue: ECO Lodge, Barbados

An in-depth weekend retreat dedicated to supporting, restoring, and rejuvenating women. Raw vegan meals, rustic eco boutique hotel day use at ECO LODGE and daily yoga. The afternoon workshops  are based around Kate’s Empowered Woman work, examining our hormonal needs from a holistic perspective, and understanding how paying more attention to our biochemical messengers can lead to more clarity and fulfillment in life, as we learn to honour our natural rhythms and cycles, rather than working against them.

“Kate Magic’s Empowered Woman workshop in California was a complete illumination into feminine power.  Her talks on how hormones play a crucial role in our lives was upbeat and insightful.  A treasure of information, I will reflect on her teachings for years to come.  I recommend this course to all women who want to Know Thyself!” Annie Jubb

“Kate’s coaching sessions had a positive impact on my confidence, my self awareness, my relationship with my husband and my children. After the sessions with Kate I always felt a greater increase of self love and inspiration which had a positive impact in all areas of my life. Kate’s style of coaching is very natural and her solutions to challenges are easy to apply. We covered everything from recipes for my hormones, psychology in my relationships to self care. The results are amazing.” Emma Jones

“The Empowered Woman workshop on Sunday was amazing! I left feeling lighter & stronger. I’m now ready to look at things differently, not just for myself but for my children.Thank you Kate.” Michelle Cossington

Topics for Discussion:

  • Understanding Your Hormones
  • What Is Empowerment?
  • What Is Patriarchy?
  • Understanding Our Monthly Cycles
  • Menopause
  • Raising Children
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Lifestyle Tools for Hormonal Balance


Check-in Fri after 2pm
Dinner 6pm
Welcome circle 8pm


Morning yoga 90 mins
Lunch 12.30
Empowered Woman Workshop 1.30-6.30pm
Dinner 7pm


Morning yoga 90 mins
Lunch 12.30
Empowered Woman Workshop 1.30-6.30pm
Dinner 7pm
Closing circle 8pm
Depart 9pm

All meals, snacks and drinks included. All meals are raw vegan, gluten-free and organic where possible. Please inform us of any allergies when you book so we can cater for you. 

If you have been to any of Kate’s classes before, you will be familiar with the format. Kate will lead the discussion, and everyone will have a chance to air their thoughts and feelings on each topic. This is not a space for moaning, complaining, or negativity. It is a space to examine the commonality of the issues we face as women, and through that sharing and supportive environment,  find strength to go out into the world as our authentic emboldened selves. Elixirs and cake will be served on arrival, with tea and snacks available throughout the afternoon. The session will last five hours, with a 30 minute break half-way through.

Kate has taught thousands of raw food classes around the world, and experience has shown that one of the highlights for people that attend is getting to meet like-minded individuals and connect with people on the same wavelength. In these spaces, we feel free to talk about the things that matter to us without fear of judgement or criticism. With that intention in mind, Kate is creating a space for women to come together and spend a weekend exploring how it feels to exist in that empowerment.

Please note that this is a women only event. It is not necessary to have read the book  before you come.


The retreat DOES NOT include accommodations, but we have partnered with ECO LODGE  and have a discount code if you choose to book your stay there. You can also find some amazing camp sites near PEG FARM, an organic sustainable farm nearby.


If you wish to put a deposit down to secure the place, we accept a non-refundable deposit of £200. There is a £10 admin fee if you choose this option.

If you cancel before 5th April,  we will retain £200 non-refundable deposit and refund you the remainder. If you cancel on or after 5th April , we regret that we are unable to offer you any refund. You could of course find someone else to take your place, and transfer your booking into their name.

Kate is hosted by Manna Barbados. If you have any more questions that are still unanswered once you have read all the info, pls email manu@manuelascalini.com.

What Is Empowerment?

Knowledge of self is the most important gift we can give ourselves. Take time out from chasing around like a headless chicken, as the world would have us do. Dive into the waters of your consciousness, and know you cannot drown no matter how deep you go. Empowerment is freedom, true freedom, and freedom is a scarce and precious commodity these days. It’s gold; the more you have of it, the richer you are, and it’s a wealth far more rewarding and substantial than anything the material world can ever offer.


I hope you find this book enlightening and exciting. I hope it proves to be a guide book for navigating your own ups and downs in life. It’s the book about being a woman I wish I could have read decades ago; it would have saved me a lot of trial and error. I would have made more informed decisions and had a much richer understanding of myself. The modern Western lifestyle isn’t particularly kind to anyone, but it is definitely not kind to women. In understanding the ways society lets us down, we can stop blaming ourselves, and start creating changes in the way we live, what we tolerate, and how we shape our lives. In seeing how we let ourselves down, we can learn to restate our value and set better boundaries – change always begins with that one individual step. Hopefully then, our daughters and grand-daughters will be able to look back on our current compromises and limitations with a mixture of ridicule and horror, thankful that the world isn’t like that anymore for them.

What are Hormones?

Basically, hormones are biochemical impulses. A signal is sent out, triggered either by an external event (e.g. being chased by a dog), or an internal event such as a women’s monthly cycle, and that signal has an effect somewhere else in the body. These signals connect the brain and nervous system – they are literally the mind-body connection.


So much of what we do is predicated on the internalization that men are more important than women. Look at social media, and the overwhelming message from women is one of seeking approval; the overwhelming message from men is one of stating their dominance. By overturning that idea within yourself, by accepting yourself and loving yourself, and knowing your value, you are changing the fabric of our culture. You may lose friends over it, because a woman who is not seeking approval nor allowing herself to be dominated is a threat to the status quo. But you will gain the heartfelt gratitude of the woman of the future for clearing the way.

Monthly Cycles

Tracking your cycle is a vital tool for staying in touch with yourself, and understanding your mood changes better. It fascinates me that this rhythm goes on in our bodies for decades, and most of us pay it little attention. If you are anything like me, you will have a vague notion about how your moods and energy changes every month, but until I got into hormone research, I genuinely couldn’t have told you anything specific.

Raising Kids

What I can write on, rather than proscribing parenting methods, is my experience of how it felt to be a mother of small kids, how the world treated me. Mothering itself was a joy – being a mother, less so. A whole heap of unexamined baggage the world has about what a mother is hit me in the face, and a lot of time I felt like I was wading through garbage. Yes, I signed up gladly to loving my kids, educating them, nurturing them, tending to their needs. I did not sign up to becoming a second-class citizen though, and I couldn’t work out how to extricate the two.


I think what happens in menopause is that women stop being able to trade in their fertility, which is the only currency men readily give to us. So suddenly, with that source of power removed, we are forced to confront the question, “What is our true value within the culture?” And most women come to the conclusion, not very much. This is what makes us angry. It’s not our hormones. It’s the long-denied but finally unavoidable fact that what we have to offer is taken thanklessly, if at all.